Global Face Art


Leading in Professional Make-up, Kryolan are committed to development within every field of competence. In order to ensure we’re always moving forward and remain innovative it’s crucial to be perceptive to ever changing trends. The Kryolan Pro Team works exceptionally closely with the marketing department in order to ensure this is communicated through our campaigns. In this presentation, we will be giving the audience a unique insight into how trends are predicted, how they influence style and why it’s so important and relevant. Experience the fascinating and informative explanations of the coming trends from our marketing experts and witness a live creation of the emerging directions for 2019 in which colors, textures and styles are heading in future seasons.
Na Kryolan, fazemos maquiagem. Mas não como qualquer outra pessoa. Porque, ao contrário de todos os outros, na verdade fazemos nossa maquiagem. Fizemos do nosso jeito por mais de! Number_of_years anos e três gerações. Nós pensamos nisso. Nós fabricamos. Formule-o e ame-o à existência. Existe apenas um verdadeiro maquiador profissional. Existe apenas uma Kryolan.