Global Face Art


The Kryolan Pro Team will also be attending Global Face Art in Singapore. Mika Seidel (Germany) and Sumaiya Al Riyami (Oman), both key artists, will join Paul Merchant, Kryolan's Global Head of Make-up, on stage to showcase three looks from the new Diverse Beauty Campaign. A campaign that celebrates the diversity in beauty – with all its exciting layers. One featuring look focuses on opulent elegance with enhanced contours and dazzeling eyes, combining glitter and eye shadow, in homage to 1000 and one nights, with graphic winged eye liner. Another tells of the pure lust for life with intensive accents on both lips and eyes, inspired by the vibrant colors of India. The third look seems to be dark and magical at the same time. Iridescent colors teamed with deeply rich matts are glossed and stylized – from modernized traditions to alternative lifestyles. Each unique look, will definitely be worth the visit.
Na Kryolan, fazemos maquiagem. Mas não como qualquer outra pessoa. Porque, ao contrário de todos os outros, na verdade fazemos nossa maquiagem. Fizemos do nosso jeito por mais de! Number_of_years anos e três gerações. Nós pensamos nisso. Nós fabricamos. Formule-o e ame-o à existência. Existe apenas um verdadeiro maquiador profissional. Existe apenas uma Kryolan.